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Industrial climbing is an activity consisting in particular of climbing on buildings or any other structure with difficult access (antennas, towers, cranes,trees etc.), using climbing equipment and for interventions.

The technique and work equipment were taken from climbing and caving activities. The main difference is that industrial climbers use two linked strings at independent points:     

  • working rope: supports the weight of the worker and is equipped with equipment that allows two-way movement (up-down);     
  • safety rope: used only in emergencies (when the working rope deteriorates); is provided with a device that prevents sliding down.

Tree cutting

  • Pruning.
  • Removing dead branches.
  • Cutting down dangerous trees....


  • Windows and facades cleaning.
  • Gutter cleaning.
  • Clearing snow of the roofs....


  • Mounting banners.
  • Mesh mounting.
  • Mounting advertising panels....


  • Mounting gutters.
  • Installation of de-icing systems.
  • Snow guard installation....

Other services

  • Installation of decorative lightning.
  • Escalating apartments for door unlocking.
  • Pet rescue....
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